What are the Eight Quality Management Principles?
What is ISO 9004?

What are the Eight Quality Management Principles?
The Eight Quality Management Principles have been around for decades and form the basis of the ISO 9000 series as well as many quality awards such as the Canadian Award for Excellence, 50 Best Managed and the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award (USA). The principles are:

1. Customer Focus

2. Leadership

3. Involvement of people

4. Process approach

5. System approach to management

6. Continual improvement

7. Factual approach to decision making and

8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

These principles can form the basis for performance improvement and organizational excellence.

What is ISO 9004?
ISO 9004:2009 – Managing for the sustained success of an organization — A quality management approach – provides guidance to organizations to support their achievement of sustained success. The key to its approach is the use of a self-assessment tool that allows for maturity level modelling year-over-year. Its foundation is the Eight Quality Management Principles.

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